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Maternal and Child Health Care – MCHC

SMS advisory for maternal and child healthcare is an unique citizen-centric based reproductive and child health service delivery programme was launched by OneWorld Foundation India in 2010 with an aim to improve access to maternal and child healthcare related information through simple and innovative use of mobile telephony.

The programme keeps pregnant women informed on their nutritional needs, pre-natal care and required medical check-ups through SMSes. These SMSes are also sent to the families of beneficiary, community workers and health officials.
Two messages a week for one year are sent to the beneficiary covering pregnancy and first three months of the newborn.

The initiative is bettering the reproductive and child health delivery processes in Kanpur district (Kanpur Nagar and Kanpur Dehat) where it is operational. There are over 1,000 registered beneficiaries at present, over 8,000 messages are being sent per month and over 2,90,000 messages has already been sent till date.

The solution is developed and maintained by OneWorld Foundation India and is build using Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft SQL Server and Mobile Messaging Platform.

Started in:
Partners/Supporters: Microsoft India.
Implementation region: Uttar Pradesh, India
1. Registration of beneficiaries (pregnant / nursing women and children) aided by community health workers.
2. Registration comes after obtaining a consent from the individuals concerned and the expected date of delivery.
3. Online database of beneficiaries is maintained in the state-of-art Management Information System (MIS).
4. MIS sends automated alerts in form of vernacular and reminding beneficiaries of pending antenatal and postnatal care and immunization appointments.

MCHC Ecosystem
1. To incorporate voice, rich multimedia and web-based delivery of information
2. To incorporate in-dial facility where beneficiaries can call to inquire about maternal and infant related health issues
3. To converge this model with other national level policies and programmes
4. To extend the period of messaging till the child’s second or fifth birthday