Mobile Development

Mobile application development is considered to be a highly challenging operation by many organizations, owing to its multiple platforms and contending technologies.

However, with the increasing number of smartphones hitting the markets, many organisations are now engaged in developing monotonous mobile applications that are unreliable and unable to promote any feasible ideas. Organisations today crave for development partners having expertise in deploying robust solutions fully compatible with existing as well as future platforms and are able to provide consistent workflow operations.

EkDuniya Web Services offers advanced services in the field of mobile application development across various platforms. We are constantly engaged in raising the bar and setting higher standards for mobile applications. With quality experience in deploying well aimed solutions to partners from diverse business verticals and our impressive track record of on time delivery of solutions, we can assure a high quality mobile application suiting your requirements.

Our Services
We offer custom mobile application development services for organisations having websites and require them to be available to the mobile users. These applications allow users to stay connected with the web information and commit actions through their mobile.

EkDuniya Web Services specializes in developing applications for ecommerce websites, social networking websites and informational websites along with other enterprise resource portals.

EkDuniya Web Services has expertise in deploying well formulated mobile gadgets built around the specific requirements of the partner. We have extensive experience of creating mobile business applications suiting the unique partner requirements and providing quick and accurate results in real world use. Our team of creative developers and innovative designers deploys highly engaging games and entertainment applications based on different themes to our global partners.

EkDuniya Web Services has emerged as a strong contender in the enterprise mobility domain. The idea of anywhere-anytime connectivity has become a reality. Enterprise mobility fundamentally changes the way people work. The ability to work on the go is a salient feature in today’s business scenario. Our solutions are finely tuned with your enterprise systems and allow as much information flow as you want, be it order processing, CRM, and other critical business processes.

Our Process
Conceptualisation & Wire-framing: Conceptualisation phase covers the activities of understanding your requirements and determining the goal of the project. The partners highlight their project objectives and ideas, and we discuss the functionalities that they require. In the wire-framing stage, we chalk out a structure that highlights platform, features, specification and feasibility. Wire-framing ensures that the project aligns according to client requirements.

Design Development: In the design development phase, our interface design team formally defines the application and rechecks to ensure all bases are covered. We consider all the parameters necessary for building a successful application including design concepts, functionality, timeline, and budget. We create static mock ups of most screens for the partner to have a clear idea about the appearance and suggest changes. All designs are approved by the partner before entering the application development phase.

Application Development: Application development phase begins with designing the User Interface (UI) and then coding it in minimum time. The prototypes of the application are subject to partner approval on a regular basis. If a server component is involved, we parallelly engage resources to improve development efficiency. As quality assurance is a critical factor, we deploy several techniques from code level to usability and marketing.

Application Testing: Throughout the whole development phase, our QA team follows testing process to check your application’s functionality. We keep in touch with the partner during development phase to facilitate monitoring of the project. We have healthy competition amongst our teams which strives to achieve quality beyond partner requirements.

App Store Submission: Before sending the application to the App Store, you have to create a developer account if you do not have it. Then, the application is sent to the App Store for approval. It is filed under your own organisation name giving you full rights including pricing and account information to manage your account. Once the application is live, users can download it according to their convenience.