Our Methodology

Application Development in the modern era is a rapidly changing field of software engineering. The software needs to be upgraded to support and welcome the changes as well as the requirement additions.

EkDuniya Web Services core concept behind the Review Based Development (RBD) methodology is the Agile development methodology with modifications to suit small as well as large scaled developments. RBD ensures collaborative development with short milestones. The proper internal review by the team of experts ensures that the end product is highly usable and the code is of superior quality. To guarantee this kind of involvement, EkDuniya Web Services does a weekly internal review on all projects as well as milestone review with the partner before initiation.

Requirement Phase
A clear understanding of the application features from the perspective of our esteemed partners is established through their cooperation towards collaboration, detailed initial requirements documents, and legacy code if any. This initial step is normally accomplished in days and will output high level diagrams, wireframes, generalized use/test cases and workflow diagrams.

Based on the inputs from the requirement analysis

phase, prototype will be created.

Development phase will be guided by the prototype, mock-ups, and diagrams from the requirement analysis and design phases. RBD makes sure that the development is on the right track and in accordance with the prototypes. The development is change compliant and in short milestones. At each short milestone, the partner will

have a usable feature in the application and may suggest the modifications, if needed.

Quality Assurance
Quality and scope management will be reinforced by the weekly internal review and short milestones review with the partners. Although the QA team monitors the product right from the requirement analysis phase, they get fully involved once the development reaches Humans and a review its completion.
We follow a Test-driven Development (TDD) approach which combines test-first development where you write a test before you write just enough production code to fulfill that test and refactoring.

Deployment, Maintenance, and Training
In RBD methodology, partners will be actively monitoring each progress and short milestones that are completed. Once they are satisfied with the features for the milestones, the system is made ready for deployment. Our vast expertise on networking administration makes this step, as smooth as possible. An accurate Software training and support to the partner is also an important deliverable of this phase.