Workshop on Content Research for Community Radio
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Workshop on ‘Content Research for Community Radio’

Institute of Development Studies (IDS) in collaboration with OneWorld Foundation

India organised a one day workshop on Content Research for Community Radio, demonstrating usage and benefits of IDS Knowledge Services and how community radio at large can adopt it to build a better-informed audience. This workshop was held on World Radio Day, the 13th February 2013, in New Delhi, India.

The workshop’s aim was to provide insight on IDS, IDS Knowledge Services, and how the content is mobilised and disseminated using IDS IT platforms by holding consultations with Community Radio stations to encourage and utilise the knowledge resources as inputs for their daily broadcasts.

This workshop aimed at providing a platform to the Community Radio Stations to discuss different ways of conducting research on topics relevant to them, and enhancing thematic focus of radio programmes produced by CR stations by providing well-researched content.